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National Three Peaks Challenge!

snowdonGreat Britain is known for many things, among them the vast, rugged and majestic landscape spread across Wales, England and Scotland. There are a number of mountain ranges up and down the country, but the famed three peak challenge focuses on three, one of which lies in very close proximity to Morfa Lodge Holiday Park North Wales.

The three peak challenge sees participants go up and down the three biggest mountains of each Wales, England and Scotland. These are Snowdon in North Wales, Ben Nevis in Scotland and Scaffell Pike in England, all in the name of charity!

The idea behind the three peak challenge is that you walk up and down all of these mountains (as well as travel) within 24 hours. (While 24 hours is considered as the challenge, it is more than acceptable to set a longer time limit!)

If you are to do it in 24 hours, here is how.

Peak 1: Ben Nevis – Usually a driver is hired or volunteered to undertake the driving for this epic challenge. The highest point in Scotland going up and down can take up to 8 hours at a good pace. As soon as you’ve enjoyed the walk and its sublime views, you will head towards Northern England’s Peak District to take on mountain number 2.

Peak 2: Scaffel Pike – This is the smallest of the three peaks, but does not mean you should underestimate it by any means. Typically a time of 5 hours for both up and down would be sufficient, though tired legs from your previous mountain conquer will certainly slow you down a little bit.

Peak 3: Snowdon – The journey down the length of England, over the border to Wales and into the Snowdonia National Park is where you’ll undertake the final challenge. Aiming to conquer what’s known in welsh as Yr Wyddfa, you will look to go up and down within 6 hours at a strong pace. For those wanting to just take on this peak, the Snowdon Challenge group could be one worth checking out – an adventure that combines canoeing, hiking and biking!

Is there are at least four of you up for the challenge, it is entirely possible to self-organise one of these trips. It is recommended to have two drivers who are not taking part to ensure safety of the passenger that can make it hard to drive due to fatigue. Those wanting to join on to a larger group can do so with organised group trips, which would include a mountain tour guide to lead your Three Peak Challenge. Don’t forget to choose a charity and get donations!