Dinas Dinlle Beach - Experience the Magic | Morfa Lodge Holiday Park Dinas Dinlle Beach - Experience the Magic | Morfa Lodge Holiday Park

Dinas Dinlle Beach – Experience the Magic

The Magic of Dinlle

At a mid tide level, this brilliant beach has large areas of sand which are perfect for families to play on. The foreshore consists of some awesome towering sand dunes. It is a popular spot for picnics and also dog-friendly – so the whole family can come along for a day of beach fun.

Dinas Dinlle, when caught on the right tide, is arguably one of the most lovely beaches in North Wales and within a stone’s throw from Caravan parks in North Wales.

There is a large grassy knoll which rises above Dinas Dinlle beach, which is known as Boncan Dinas – it was the site of an iron age hillfort.

This hillfort ‘Dinas Dinlle’ (‘Dinas’ meaning settlement, and Dinlle meaning ‘Fort of Lleau’, is said to be the home and the location where Welsh folk hero Lleu Llaw Gyffes, who’s many heroic exploits can be read about in the Mabinogion. Lleu was invulnerable to harm (similar to Achilles, when someone found out the secret on how to kill him and subsequently assassinated him, he upon death transformed into an eagle in Welsh Legend. He later transformed back into a human and ruled Wales.

This has been eroded by the sea over thousands of years, and only a double semi-circle rampart remains intact. It is possible that this was once the site of a roman lighthouse. This is now in the care of the National Trust and is visited by many people every year.

Dinas Dinlle is also widely known for its awesome sweeping views down the bay, with concentric mountains appearing along the bay for a breathtaking visual splendour. This is a classic Snowdonia view which is travelled to from far and wide to catch a glimpse of, and many people choose to stay here at Caravan parks in North Wales.

The cafe at Dinas Dinlle is also a great spot to enjoy a light lunch, ice cream or a hot drink.

The best thing about Dinas Dinlle is that it’s just down the road from Morfa Lodge Holiday Park, centred just overlooked Y Trebon Estuary which has a gorgeous natural view across to the mountains of Snowdonia. Truly this has got to be one of the most naturally scenic locations in the World.